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In 2015, the world of lighting products saw the birth of a new star, ANKSO.

ANKSO started her journey with the dual objective of offering energy-efficient and environment-friendly lighting products. Since then ANKSO has seen a revolutionary evolution but the foundation still rests on these 2 basic principles of Saving And Slashing (SAS)- Saving the environment and Slashing your electricity bills by offering better energy efficient products!

Our Journey so far…
From our humble beginnings, we have come a long way. We now have a multi-continental presence in Australia, Hong Kong, and the USA. The best thing is that each of it has been a success. 
Here are the factors behind the super success enjoyed by our products:

  • Top Quality: Our strict quality requirement process ensures that only the top quality reaches our customers. Our products comes with Warranty and performance Guarantee.

  • Fair Pricing: We ensure that all our products are priced after a due consideration. We can promise you the most competitive prices without compromising on the quality.

  • Quality Testing: All our products go through a rigorous quality assurance test that allows us to promise you the most premium quality that guarantees durability and performance. Our quality testing is conducted by some of the brightest brains of the industry using the most sophisticated tools and automates systems.

  • Blend of design and functionality: We carefully craft each of our lighting products to stand out in terms of design and functionality. Not only these products engineered to promote the most suitable lighting but are so carefully crafted that these lighting products play a vital role in revolutionizing the entire application. In fact each of our lighting products is a masterpiece in itself that would enhance the beauty of your premise with its mere presence. Switch them on and you would be surprised to see the smooth, beautiful emanation of light that would give a new dimension to the overall beauty of premises.
Certifications: But we don’t want you to take us for our word. We have been offered some of the most trusted certificates from high authorities of the lighting industry. ANKSO LED Lights comes with Warranty and Certificate. Many of our products are listed on ETL, cETL, NOM, UL, DLC and lighting facts, etc. A large number of our products are prequalified for many commercial rebated programs in California (USA). 


At Ankso we are on a mission to contribute our humble efforts in saving the environment and offering you the most reliable lighting products with high performance and durability. Before taking any big or small decision we keenly analyze its influence on environment and end users. In fact it is our strong belief that we can only prosper by respecting the environment and not working against it. Being a customer-first company we offer a wide variety of lighting solutions of premium quality products at affordable prices.


ANKSO have been providing more then 100 Million in light lumens through quality lighting products. All ANKSO products are exquisitely designed to ensure the best performance, dependable quality and reliable durability. Our vision is to make a Green Energised World by offering the most efficient and reliable lighting solutions that can minimize the use of energy and are environment-friendly.

Commercial buildings use a lot of power, and the energy bill is often one of the largest drains on an operation’s profit margin. LED lighting fixtures not only use less energy in total than incandescent and fluorescent lighting solutions, they also utilize the energy they do use more efficiently. Expect to see big reductions in your energy bill after deploying LED lighting.
LED lighting fixtures improve quality in two key ways: The light offered by LEDs is cleaner than traditional lighting, and it’s also brighter. It takes fewer LED lights to illuminate a given space than traditional lights, and the LED solution will be more flexible and more aesthetically pleasing due to the high purity of the light.
LED lights have a much lower need for maintenance than traditional lighting solutions. Bulbs last much longer than their incandescent counterparts, and fixtures experience less wear and tear thanks to fewer bulb replacements. This results in savings in both maintenance labor and raw maintenance supplies — if you’re not replacing bulbs every couple of months

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