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Quality Policy

Ankso is 100% committed to offer its customers the premium grade products with a keen focus on dependable performance , high quality and high product safety standard. Each of our products goes through a rigorous series of multifaceted quality tests to guarantee productivity, durability and energy saving. Besides, we have strict guidelines and regular inspection of our manufacturing lines by unbiased authorities to maintain our product performance, quality and safety commitment.

Our Quality Steps

Quality Testing
All our products undergo high-grade equipment’s testing and manual to check and confirm the quality of each of our lighting product before it is added to our inventory and shipped. In fact, it is the detailed testing at different levels that offers us the confident to guarantee you the most premium quality products from ANKSO.
Corporate Governance
We have a well-controlled corporate environment to ensure that we should meet the highest standards of quality at each phase of production. So, you can always depend upon the wholesome quality of our products
Deep Analysis and insights by unbiased agencies
We have maintained close relations with a number of industry safety standards agencies that deeply analyze the vulnerabilities and safety concerns. These unbiased industry agencies offer us the helpful insight to design our products for the best interests of our clients.
Collaborative quality review
We maintain close relations with our suppliers and have strict quality guidelines for the raw material to ensure the best quality and the safety for our product. Besides, our detailed meetings with our suppliers and customers allow us to be updated with the latest development of the industry and customer demands. During our quality assessment and review process, we love to involve the complete series of manpower and institutions that play a vital role in our business to ensure that quality deeply seeps into all our products
Careful selection of suppliers
All our suppliers are solely selected on their merit basis. Competence, experience and profile records play the vital role in the selection of each of our material suppliers. In fact, we believe more in quality rather than the quantity and most of our suppliers have high experience and have served us for many years. Besides, we conduct a quality check on each of their raw materials to add another layer of security
Competent procurement
Our procurement team is not just updated with the most competitive market rates but with the latest technology advancements simultaneously ensuring and taking advantage of their purpose-specific talent, they employ the best practices to procure most competitively priced material in the market.

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